GDB on development board!

Sergio Durigan Junior
Mon Jan 16 22:19:00 GMT 2012

On Monday, January 16 2012, mak visp wrote:

> I am new to the GDB stuff. I am using my ARM based custom board in
> that I wanted to debug my code on ARM. Can I do it without JTAG only
> with GDB connected over serial port? Also is it possible to do it
> without any OS running on board (I am in starting phase, so no OS
> yet)? I read the user manual, but could not make out. Any pointer to
> the material is a great help.


For other ways of using GDB remotely (without JTAG), have you considered
gdbserver yet?  Take a look at:


As for the question regarding running GDB on a system without OS, others
can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it's possible because GDB
uses many OS-specific features (such as ptrace, and glibc functions).



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