Loading shared libraries when cross-debugging a core file

Ian Wells ijw.gdb@cack.org.uk
Thu Jan 12 20:36:00 GMT 2012

I'm trying to pin down an issue I'm having with shared libraries not
being autoloaded, with no error message, when I cross-debug a ppc
(Linux / ELF) core file on a cross-debugger compiled on Linux /

If I debug the core file using a native gdb in the ppc environment,
the libraries are autoloaded as expected when the core file is loaded.
 When I do the same in the x86 environment, they aren't.

I understand that I will need to point gdb in to the location of the
library files - this documentation suggests this is the 'sysroot'
setting, so I've tried running gdb, setting it and then loading symbol
and core files.  No joy.

Loading the files individually and specifying their address works, but
is far from ideal.

Can anyone help?  If not with a straightforward answer, can someone
point me to the code in gdb that identifies which libraries are loaded
so that I can work out what it's doing?


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