UST integration is broken

Sergio Durigan Junior
Sat Jan 7 02:38:00 GMT 2012


I am working on something related to static tracepoints markers, which
is related to UST (  I did some modifications on
the code, and was trying to test the result, when I realized I did not
have UST installed here.  Ok, so I decided to compile it and install
locally just for a quick test, and after some time struggling with
compilation flags, I noticed that the current UST does not support GDB
anymore.  For more information, see this commit:;a=commit;h=fe566790e6be3f27f0befd85b715a3e84977bf6c

I also noticed that the header file ust/ust.h is not installed, thus
making the configure process useless.  I am sending this message because
I am in doubt about what to do: should we completely remove the support
from GDB (since according to the commit message above, the
implementation is going to be revamp'ed), or just temporarily disable
it?  I was going to send a patch for the latter, but decided to ask



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