Pending breakpoints on lines that don't exist

Joel Brobecker
Wed Jan 4 09:13:00 GMT 2012

> Isn't the following at least slightly better?
>      (gdb) b foo.c:100
>      No line 100 in file "foo.c".
>      Make breakpoint pending on future load of shared library
>      containing "foo.c" where this line is valid? (y or [n]) n

I see what you are trying say. I don't have a strong opinion and
I would not object, but I do prefer the previous phrasing. Also,
I do not see why we would have to treat this case specially.
I think that if we change for this case, we should change for
every type of error. And lastly, one the pragmatic side, this
is going to screw up all the testcases as well as front-end that
might be matching the old output.  This is a weak argument, but
it is true nonetheless.


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