Issue with GDB 7.0 on MIPS(gcc 4.4.1)

Ian Lance Taylor
Mon Nov 14 06:50:00 GMT 2011

naveen yadav <> writes:

> My GCC  version 4.4.1. and  here is source code.
> and here is backtrace.
> mips-gdb> bt
> sweep (gen=0x5d5f508, ee=0x5c4300d0, numBytes=4294967295,
> gcOpts=0x5c3408f8) #1
> CVMgenMarkCompactCollect (gen=0x5d5f508, ee=0x5c4300d0,
> numBytes=4294967295, gcOpts=0x5c3408f8)

Looking at the code, it's perfectly obvious that gdb is reporting the
arguments to sweep incorrectly.  The sweep function takes three
arugments: thisGen, base, and top.  It is called only from
CVMgenMarkCompactCollect, and that function takes four arguments, gen,
ee, numBytes, and gcOpts.

Clearly the parameters to sweep are being reported incorrectly.  I don't
think you really needed me to tell you that.  I don't know where the bug
is, but my guess would be that gcc 4.4.1 is not generating correct debug
info for inlined functions.


>  ......
> If you need more detail pls let me know..
> Thanks.
> On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
>> naveen yadav <> writes:
>>> I am running one application and it generate core dump. When I run bt .
>>> (gdb) bt
>>> #0  sweep (gn=0x5d5f58, ef=0x5c43000, Bytes=429496729, gcOs=0x5c3408f)
>>> #1  CompactCollect (gn=0x5d5f58, ef=0x5c43000, Bytes=429496729, gcOs=0x5c3408f)
>>> ...
>>> In above case
>>> we got crash in wepp().
>>> CompactCollect () is main function and wepp() is another function
>>> which got called from CompactCollect ().
>>> When I check the assembly wepp() become inline.
>>> So i got bit surprise when i check that function parameter;s for both
>>> wepp() and CompactCollect () are same.
>>> So is it correct behaviour ? that calling and calle have same parameter
>> Without any information about the source code, I don't see how we can
>> tell whether having the same parameters is correct behaviour or not.
>> That said, it is certainly possible that the arguments of the inlined
>> function are not being displayed correctly.  Mainline gcc has gotten
>> quite a bit better about debug info for inlined functions and in general
>> for avoiding incorrect display of variables in optimized code.
>> Ian

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