Multiple breakpoint issue when debugging loadable kernel module

Jan Kratochvil
Sat Nov 5 05:39:00 GMT 2011

On Sat, 05 Nov 2011 03:06:50 +0100, Vimal wrote:
> As I am not experienced enough with this, would love some more
> pointers.

You can also send me offlist the .ko file.

> Are you suggesting gcc does not insert debug information correctly?


> Though this is possible, does it explain the fact that
> the same .ko file without recompilation, works with gdb-7.1?

Yes, as this buggy information is there only to direct GDB which CUs
(Compilation Units) need to be expanded, if GDB expands them excessively it
does not need this information, if GDB expands them optimally then the debug
info bug starts to expose.

I do not say this is the bug but I find it probable and checking the debug
info is the most easy first step while troubleshooting it.


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