Tracepoints and Timestamps

Abhishek Karoliya
Fri Nov 4 19:06:00 GMT 2011


  I am remote debuging a multi threaded app on a powerpc e500v2 dual
processor running linux 2.6.32 while the host gdb is x86_64 linux
machine. The version of gdb is 7.3.1. On hitting a tracepoint, I want
to collect the timestamp. I am wondering is there is any way of doing
it currently on this gdb. If not, I was wondering if I can collect the
timebase registers (tbl and tbu). The current register dump does not
show the contents of these register on e500v2 although I have seen an
entry for other powerpc processor.

Is there a way I can quickly add support for these registers. If
someone can point me to file/doc/previous patches to do this I will be


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