Restarting gdbserver

Leon Pollak
Fri Jan 21 22:48:00 GMT 2011

Thank you, Jan, for your efforts.
Although I did not understand exactly what your meant by your last big text 
fragment, I guess you meant that I need to add the 'file' command.
I did this, but this did not help, no change.
Can you be so kind to give me some hint what may be the cause of the problem?
Thank you again.

On Thursday January 20 2011, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 16:00:07 +0100, Leon Pollak wrote:
> > I read the docs about `set debug-file-directory' - it says that this is
> > applicable in the case of the SEPARATE debug info, but I suppose that in
> > my case it is inside the ELF module, no?
> According to your environment description I agree you do not need
> `set debug-file-directory'.
> > I have the target's root FS on my PC in /opt/FS directory mounted via
> > NFS. The development is done in another separate place -
> > /Projects/CSU/... The compiled&linked executable module is hard-linked
> > to the file in the /opt/FS/common/csu and I start the gdb saying:
> > set sysroot /opt/FS/
> > set remote exec-file /common/csu
> > 
> > Is this insufficient?
> > I can put break points and step through the code. The problem seems to be
> > just with frame/backtrace only.
> `set remote exec-file' only instructs remote gdbserver in --multi mode.
> It does not provide symbols to local GDB in any way.
> Tested two cases, run on machine A, with remote host host1s which is also
> mounted at /host1:
> ./gdb -nx -ex 'set sysroot /host1' -ex 'set debug-file-directory
> /host1/usr/lib/debug' -ex 'file /host1/home/jkratoch/t/1' -ex 'target
> remote host1s:1234' -ex 'b main' -ex c ./gdbserver :1234
> /home/jkratoch/t/1
> or:
> ./gdb -nx -ex 'file /host1/home/jkratoch/t/1' -ex 'target extended-remote
> host1s:1234' -ex 'set sysroot /host1' -ex 'set remote exec-file
> /home/jkratoch/t/1' -ex start ./gdbserver --multi :1234
> The `file' command provides the symbols for local GDB.
> Regards,
> Jan


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