Restarting gdbserver

Leon Pollak
Thu Jan 20 14:55:00 GMT 2011

> Have you tried to play with `set debug-file-directory'?  
> Which way is the debug info provided for /opt/FS?

Sorry, I probably do not know how to answer...:-)

I read the docs about `set debug-file-directory' - it says that this is 
applicable in the case of the SEPARATE debug info, but I suppose that in my 
case it is inside the ELF module, no?

Regarding the second question - I feel that the problem is here, but where 

I have the target's root FS on my PC in /opt/FS directory mounted via NFS. 
The development is done in another separate place - /Projects/CSU/...
The compiled&linked executable module is hard-linked to the file in the 
/opt/FS/common/csu and I start the gdb saying:
set sysroot /opt/FS/
set remote exec-file /common/csu

Is this insufficient? 
I can put break points and step through the code. The problem seems to be just 
with frame/backtrace only.

Thank you very much for your help.

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