Restarting gdbserver

Leon Pollak
Thu Jan 20 09:25:00 GMT 2011

Hello, all.

I searched Google and mail list for hours - very strange, but found 

I debug remotely gdb <-> gdbserver - totally standard situation...:-)
The target's root FS is NFS on my PC.

To start one debug session I go to the target (via telnet) and start the 
gdbserver manually, then in my IDE start the gdb session. When a change is 
required, I exit the gdb, this kills the gdbserver, make a change, recompile, 
go to telnet, restart gdbserver, connect in IDE, etc.
Very annoying....

I tried to automate the gdbserver restart process by running script which 
loops it, but this is not very reliable, as this means that I am allowed to 
exit the gdb only AFTER I have recompiled the application. Otherwise, 
gdbserver takes the old executable.

All this seems to be VERY standard situation which should be solved for years, 
but how...:-(

Sorry to ask something so primitive.

Thanks a lot ahead.

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