sim: sysroot (relocatable) default ?

Mike Frysinger
Sat Jan 15 02:38:00 GMT 2011

pretty much all of the GNU toolchain supports a (relocatable) sysroot.  the 
sim has --sysroot support, but it is neither the default behavior nor is 
relocatable.  the default value is always "".

this is presumably because when the program is run with --sysroot, all of its 
simulated syscalls are changed to *only* search the sysroot.  imo, this could 
be made much more useful in a few ways: have the default sysroot value match 
what the configure scripts have already set up, have it be relocatable, and 
make it an "overlay" that is searched first before falling back to real paths.

i want to make sure i'm not missing anything obvious before wasting time on 
implementing the proposals above ...
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