Question re: testsuite, "isnative", "is_remote" etc.

Joel Brobecker
Thu Jan 13 21:27:00 GMT 2011

> The thing is, the situation is the same as now.  We either have to
> put "isremote" in our board file (as now), or replace it by putting
> "use_gdb_stub" in our board file.
> A lot of changed tests for, as I see it, no benefit.

The entire testsuite is a mess, if you ask me.  It's understandable:
there was a lot to learn along the way, and also we are trying to pay
more attention and understand what we're doing (not all that long ago,
I was just as happy to copy-paste some code and tweak it hapzardly
until it "worked").  We're also trying to simplify things, so I think
we headed in the right direction (if we assume that the goal is to
stick with dejagnu, which seems the only reasonable option as of today).

We don't have to fix the whole thing, particularly on the advice
of someone like me, who really barely knows what he's talking about.
But we can try to establish a standard, and see where that leads us.
If we don't find problems after a while, we know the decision was
good, and we can then consider making a massive change (or we can
just leave everything as they are).


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