Question re: testsuite, "isnative", "is_remote" etc.

Joel Brobecker
Thu Jan 13 19:32:00 GMT 2011

> >I used [target_info exists use_gdb_stub] last time I fixed a test like
> >this (gdb.base/break-entry.exp).
> Yep, I've been tempted to use that too.  But I think "use_gdb_stub"
> is still something different.  It was meant to refer to those old
> stubs like i386-stub.c, not to gdbserver.  There used to be some
> magic that you had to do, like this in break.c:

I looked at the documented procedure for testing with gdbserver,
and everything is setup by the boards file.  So, it's basically
a question of convention.

The boards file in the wiki do the following:

        set_board_info use_gdb_stub 1

So that might be the best solution, even if we might be abusing
its original intent.


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