Question re: testsuite, "isnative", "is_remote" etc.

Michael Snyder
Thu Jan 13 18:51:00 GMT 2011

Joel Brobecker wrote:
> I'm as stumped as your are on this issue.  Can we perhaps try to step
> back and see in what context you need this test?  Perhaps this is going
> to help thinking about this differently...

Sure.  I'm running the testsuite with gdbserver.  The host machine and
the target machine are both configured as i386-linux-gnu, but they are
different machines (in fact running different versions of the OS).
Which probably isn't that important in this context.

So "isnative" returns true, because all it does is compare the host
and target triple.

Also "is_remote" returned false until I figured out that I needed to add

     set_board_info isremote 1

to my board description file.  This is apparently the only purpose of 
this variable.  It doesn't appear in the gdb docs, I haven't really
looked for it in dejagnu docs (such as they may be).

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