Question re: testsuite, "isnative", "is_remote" etc.

Michael Snyder
Wed Jan 12 23:14:00 GMT 2011

What's the recommended way of skipping a test case if it shouldn't run 

I see a lot of tests that use "if not isnative", but that surely isn't 
right, since that test only compares the host and target board names.

Then there is a test called is_remote, but that mostly does the same 
thing, except it also tests a board variable called "isremote", which is 
only true if you happen to remember to set it in your board file.

I'm thinking that there should be some test that checks for
"use_gdb_stub" or "gdb_protocol".  But of course you have to set those 
in your board file too.

What's the right answer?   ;-/

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