some questions about gdb

Tom Tromey
Mon Jan 10 20:58:00 GMT 2011

>>>>> ">" == loody  <> writes:

>> 1. I compile the kernel with -g but I cannot see the disassembly.
>> My pc increase 4 when I type 'n' but I cannot see the disassembly.

I don't know what is going on here.

>> 2. I search gdb and which tell me there is a command, disassemble /m,
>> which can mix source and assembly.
>> But I use it on my mips platform, it said:
>> (gdb) disassemble /m irq_enter
>> A syntax error in expression, near `/m'.

You probably have too old a version of gdb.

>> 3. is any document about how to compile insight6.8.1 with mips gdb 7.2?

You can't do this.  You have to get a corresponding version of Insight.
I don't know whether a new version of Insight has been released.


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