Thread Specific Breakpoints in Remote Targets

Pedro Alves
Wed Aug 31 18:42:00 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 31 August 2011 19:29:44, Josh Watt wrote:
> >> It sounds like you are making breakpoints on the target thread-specific
> >> based on the current thread.  But I thought we didn't (yet) have a way
> >> to inform the target that a given breakpoint was thread-specific (but I
> >> don't know this area extremely well -- if I'm wrong I'd like to know
> >> about it).
> >
> > You're right, we don't.
> >
> >> I think it would be preferable to
> >> implement real target support for thread-specific breakpoints.
> >
> > Very much.
> Is there a particular reason why the select thread packet (Hg) cannot
> also control which thread a breakpoint is targeted for?

There's that backwards compatibility thing.  You'd have to come up with
a way to get the current behavior of "breakpoint applies to all threads
of this process".  You'd need to add some new meaning to something
like Hg0/HgPID.0, which is close, but that's not what it means
today, so without other changes, you'd be left with the target not
knowing what this particular gdb is trying to say (because you don't
know whether the connecting gdb understands "thread specific" or not).

Pedro Alves

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