gnulib compilation error 7.3

Aurelien Buhrig
Tue Aug 30 13:28:00 GMT 2011


this is perhaps a noob question, but I'm not very familiar with autoXXX stuff...
I'm trying to port GDB to a new target. I have a configuration issue
whis gnulib when compiling in maintainer mode.
Indeed, it seems that most of (if not all) the variables that are used
in  the gdb/gnulib/.in.h files are not defined Makefile. Hence,
generated .h are not correct...

autoreconf/autoheaders/aclocal/automake/automake do not fix the problem...

I'm using
Automake 1.11
autoconf 2.64
m4 1.4.16

Any idea how to fix this ?


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