gdb/mi log stream messages

Xavier de Gaye
Sat Aug 27 19:29:00 GMT 2011

gdb version: 7.3

In the second gdb/mi test of the following two tests, gdb/mi writes
the "No source file named foo.c.\n" message to the log stream.

The gdb/mi documentation states at section "24.4.2 GDB/MI Stream
Records" that "The log stream contains debugging messages being
produced by GDB's internals.". The above message is not a debugging
message. So, is the gdb/mi documentation wrong, or should this message
be written to the console output stream instead, or am I missing
something else ?

xavier$ ~/src/gdb/gdb-7.3/install/bin/gdb -q -ex "set confirm off"
(gdb) shell echo "main(){}" | gcc -x c -g  -
(gdb) file a.out
(gdb) break foo.c:1
No source file named foo.c.
(gdb) quit

xavier$ ~/src/gdb/gdb-7.3/install/bin/gdb --interpreter=mi -q -ex "set
confirm off" a.out
~"Reading symbols from /home/xavier/tmp/a.out..."
-interpreter-exec console "break foo.c:1"
&"No source file named foo.c.\n"



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