Interpret object causing crash in __cxa_finalize (have core)

Jan Kratochvil
Wed Aug 24 20:03:00 GMT 2011

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 21:54:09 +0200, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> Boost has made Valgrind useless (15000 line of output). And I have not
> been successful in getting suppression rules:
> and

You do not need to track memory leaks but you should track memory corruptions.
You was told the same in the mails.

> To retain info on the objects in question, do I need to compile with
> g++ -v and save the intermediate (ii?) files?

I do not see any missing debug info in your backtrace.

g++ uses -g for debug info, not -v.

You did not tell which platform do you run on but it seems to me like
GNU/Linux, debug info is stored there in the binary files or in separate
.debug info files (one file per one library) in /usr/lib/debug.  The debug
info stored in object files is specific only to Apple OSes.

But after all you have all the debug info you can have in that backtrace.


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