Some Python ideas, looking for feedback

Phil Muldoon
Wed Aug 24 11:42:00 GMT 2011

Andrew Oakley <> writes:

> On 19/08/11 15:13, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:
>> Daniel> I don't suppose we can avoid exposing this internal C wart to Python,
>> Daniel> and expose it some other way... ?
>> I think it depends on whether we have shipped it or not.
>> If we have, then perhaps someone is using it; in that case I would
>> rather not break it.
> Yes, you've shipped it.  At least one person is using it (me).  I'd
> prefer it if this didn't go away.
>> However, even in that case, we can still add a new attribute with a
>> better name and recommend that people use it.
> Thats fair enough, but for now can we please get the documentation updated?

Didn't Eli already approve it?  

If so, do you have FSF paperwork filed (I'm not a maintainer, so I won't
hazard a guess if this is ok to be posted by another committer).

OTOH, if you see yourself doing more GDB hacking, and do not have
paperwork, best to get that underway.  Sometimes there can be long
delays in that process.



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