Some Python ideas, looking for feedback
Wed Aug 17 21:15:00 GMT 2011

>> On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:37:10 +0100
>> Andrew Oakley <> wrote:
>>> What you are looking for is (for some reason) stored in bitpos.  I 
>>> can't actually find any documentation for this :(.
>> Perhaps we should fix that:
>> Document gdb.Value field attribute "bitpos" for enums.
>I don't suppose we can avoid exposing this internal C wart to Python, and expose it some other way... ?

Clearly we could.  For example, André suggested using the int() function on the field object, by analogy to what int() does to an enum-valued Value object.  That certainly would make sense and it would be a pretty natural Pythonic thing to do.


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