'GDB: The GNU Project Debugger' international

Alyona Lompar alyona.lompar@consultant.com
Wed Aug 17 13:46:00 GMT 2011


I am interested in your publication located at 
http://sourceware.org/gdb  and would like to translate it to Ukrainian 
language, so I can share it with the readers on my blog. For doing that 
I need your written permission.
Of course, I will credit you as an author and your webpage as a source. 
Certainly, I will be grateful if you do the same when I'll be done with 

The translation is non-commercial and will be posted only on the Web, no 
print copies are planned.
Do you prefer email or IM for contact (if any questions regarding the 
translation arise)? AIM, MSN, Skype?

Alyona Lompar

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