What role does gdb/remote.c play?

Pedro Alves pedro@codesourcery.com
Mon Aug 15 13:32:00 GMT 2011

On Monday 15 August 2011 12:51:11, Triple Yang wrote:

> Then, if I want to create a new remote target, should I just modify
> remote.c or reuse codes in it? 

I don't know what your new target does, so I can't answer that for you.

> How do I map command 'target remote' to the new target I created?

You don't.  Do you _really_ need to implement a new target in gdb?
Why not teach the remote end the RSP instead?  Then you can
use "target remote", without adding new code to gdb.

> It seems I did what those documents told me to, but things don't work.

I'm confused.  What documents?  I only pointed you at the GDB manual,
to check the RSP documentation.  Here:


Pedro Alves

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