How can I set gdb.python directory on Windows?

Fri Aug 12 15:34:00 GMT 2011

于 2011/8/10 21:59, Tom Tromey 写道:
>>>>>> "PcX" == PcX<>  writes:
> PcX>  I means after I built a gdb, if I copy it to my friend, his directory
> PcX>  may be different from mine.
> It should work ok as long as the install tree has the same shape.
> There is some relocation-handling code in startup that deals with this.
> Maybe this isn't working properly somehow?
> Tom
I don't think so.
As I type "python print gdb.PYTHONDIR" in gdb command, it will output: 

But my gdb python pretty printer directory is 

Is this a windows specific problem?

Best Regards,

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