[BUG/tracepoint] agent code generate error when set a var of inferior to tv

Hui Zhu teawater@gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 09:08:00 GMT 2011

I think I find a way to handle this issue.
Change it to:
teval $tmp=(uint64_t)a
Looks like it handle type convert is not very good.  Wish somebody can
add a doc or fix it.

I will update the doc of KGTP.


On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 04:58, Tom Tromey <tromey@redhat.com> wrote:
>>>>>> ">" == Hui Zhu <teawater@gmail.com> writes:
>>> teval $tmp=a
>>> a is a var of inferior.
>>> The agent code that I got is:
>>> 2d000b
>>> 260003
>>> 1620
>>> 27
> I'm afraid I don't understand this report.
> Could you provide more details?
> Some source code might be helpful; or perhaps disassembly of the agent
> expression.
> Tom

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