Cant cross compile gdb 7.2 _or_ 7.0.1 for a mipsel target board from a X86 PC.

harish badrinath
Fri Apr 29 12:10:00 GMT 2011

It turned out that  tmp-tvals.h  was not being generated properly. So
I ran gentmap on a proper mips box and then am stuck here

Running igen.

The command in the make file is
        cd ../igen && $(MAKE)
        ../igen/igen \
                $(IGEN_TRACE) \
                -I $(srcdir) \
                -Werror \
                -Wnodiscard \
                -F 32,f -M mipsIV -N 0 \
                -G gen-direct-access \
                -G gen-zero-r0 \
                -B 32 \
                -H 31 \
                -i $(IGEN_INSN) \
                -o $(IGEN_DC) \
                -x \
                -n icache.h    -hc tmp-icache.h \
                -n icache.c    -c  tmp-icache.c \
                -n semantics.h -hs tmp-semantics.h \
                -n semantics.c -s  tmp-semantics.c \
                -n idecode.h   -hd tmp-idecode.h \
                -n idecode.c   -d  tmp-idecode.c \
                -n model.h     -hm tmp-model.h \
                -n model.c     -m  tmp-model.c \
                -n support.h   -hf tmp-support.h \
                -n support.c   -f  tmp-support.c \
                -n itable.h    -ht tmp-itable.h \
                -n itable.c    -t  tmp-itable.c \
                -n engine.h    -he tmp-engine.h \
                -n engine.c    -e  tmp-engine.c \
                -n irun.c      -r  tmp-irun.c
When i run igen with the following command on a mips box, i get the
following error "Must specify a decode table".

I have attached tmp-tmap.c &&  tmp-tvals.h, in case some else wants to
do the same and does not have access to a mipsel box.

Harish Badrinath
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