[PATCH] arm reversible : <phase_2_complete>

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Thu Apr 28 19:36:00 GMT 2011

>>>>> "Oza" == paawan oza <paawan1982@yahoo.com> writes:

Oza> but whole operation happens on target memory, so 
Oza> after 
Oza> GET_REG_VAL (reg_cache, ARM_PC_REGNUM, &u_buf.buf[0]);

Oza> we get scalar u_buf.s_word again in big-endian.

Oza> +      start_address = u_buf.s_word -  \
Oza> +                   (4 * (bit (thumb_insn_r->arm_insn, 8) + register_count)) ;

Oza> and above math is again in target memory in big endian machine and
Oza> record is saved to target memory.

Oza> I think it never gets fetched to host for any reason, Am I thinking
Oza> correct?

No, sorry.  Any code in gdb is by running on the host system.

So, GET_REG_VAL fetches the raw register -- from the target to the host.
`u_buf.s_word' is a scalar value in gdb, i.e., on the host.


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