Backtrace extraction ONLY gdb

Maucci, Cyrille
Fri Apr 22 20:49:00 GMT 2011

Hi All,

I've just found

This looks like what I need.


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Hey Jan,

Thanks for the pointers.
The ABRT project is very interesting.

Concerning the presence of a host on the LAN where multi-GB xfers are not an issue, it is very rarely the case.


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On Wed, 23 Mar 2011 23:51:42 +0100, Maucci, Cyrille wrote:
> 	. the core files are multi GB large and the 'separate' host is not located on the customer network.
> 	. you not only need the core files but the libs to debug the core.
> 	Indeed, you could argue to setup a 'replica' system to read the core
> 	file, but when you've got dozens of customers with dozens of different
> 	software versions, this becomes the nightmare.

This is solved by the ABRT project
automatically getting the right binaries and debug info versions by the build-id present in any binary and core file (with properly configured GCC).

It is now deploying a .
If there are security concerns about running GDB locally (as ABRT has been doing before RetraceServer so far) isn't there located a host for backtraces in LAN where multi-GB transfers are not an issue?


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