Work on the SIS ERC32 Emulator

Joel Brobecker
Wed Apr 20 16:19:00 GMT 2011

> Ok.  I though the policy was different for the sims, since they are full
> of non-FSF copyrighted code.  All right, I have to talk with my Employer
> about this.  I am pretty familiar with the copyright assignment process
> with the FSF, but my Employer is not and it may take some time.

We failed to follow the normal guidelines, and I've heard the reason
for that in some of the cases, but that was a long time ago. IMO,
that was a mistake, for several reasons I don't want to detail here.
However, as you have noticed, because the FSF is not the copyright
holder of some of the files, we couldn't update the license to GPLv3.

> Do you plan to upgrade the files under 'sis' from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+?

I only see 2 "sis" files: erc32/sis.[hc]. Are these the files you
are referring to? I don't know how "easy" it's going to be doing
that upgrade, since the FSF does not hold the copyright to these
files. I don't think we can upgrade the license on our own, can we?


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