Breakpoints and multi-process using the same binary

Marc Khouzam
Mon Apr 11 14:53:00 GMT 2011


the next release of Eclipse CDT will make use of GDB's great
multi-process (multi-exec) support.  Nice work!

Quick question about breakpoints in that case (with non-stop).
I'm trying to set a breakpoint in a process that has one 
thread stopped.  The problem is that there is another
process fully running, which uses the same binary
(parent/child of a fork()).

From what I can see, I cannot set such a breakpoint without
interrupting a thread for each and every process sharing the 

I just wanted to confirm that this was the right behavior
for GDB.  

Of course, when I run the same binary on two
different GDBs, things are completely independent.
I guess that is not possible under the same GDB?



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