gdb-7.3 branching tomorrow (Friday, Apr 1st)

Joel Brobecker
Fri Apr 1 06:57:00 GMT 2011

Hello everyone,

Just a quick work to let everyone know that we're planning on
creating the gdb-7.3 branch tomorrow (Friday).  We should have
branched a long time ago, except that we were waiting for issues
that have been deemed blocking to be resolved first.

We still have a couple of items in the must-fix list, but waiting
for them is also causing problems for other patches that are waiting
for the branch to be created before going in. So it seems better
to branch now, with the understanding that some potentially
non-obvious patches will have to be applied to the branch.

So, the plan is the following:
  - Create the GDB 7.3 branch tomorrow (Friday);
  - Let HEAD development resume normal development
    (there was no formal restriction, just that some felt that it
    was better to wait for 7.3 branch before doing something
    possibly disruptive - Eg: readline update);
  - Once the blocking issues are fixed, issue the first pre-release;
  - Two weeks later, if nothing blocking is found again, release
    GDB 7.3.

If helpful, I can delay the branch creation by a few days, but
Friday is really better for me. We can be a little more open
to patches on the branch until the blocking issues are resolved.


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