more fortran problems

Mathew Yeates
Fri Sep 17 23:36:00 GMT 2010

I am dealing with an array of logicals.
With the line
if (Tau_mask(itau,imix)) then

I  type
(gdb) set Tau_mask(itau,imix) = .TRUE.
(gdb) print Tau_mask(itau,imix)

but the code below the "if" statement isnt executed.

So, now I'm trying set the memory location.
(gdb) print &Tau_mask
$6 = (PTR TO -> ( logical(kind=4) (*,*))) 0x2859630
(gdb) set (int)0x2859630=.TRUE.
Left operand of assignment is not an lvalue

What am I doing wrong?


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