gdbserver problem with thread debugging

Michael Snyder
Fri Sep 17 17:26:00 GMT 2010

William Wagner wrote:
>   Hello,
> Apologies if this is the wrong list to post to, if it's not please point 
> me in the right direction.
> I am working on a custom embedded target which is a Freescale iMX35 
> processor (armv6j based). I am building a custom toolchain using 
> crosstools-ng, including gdb 6.8 - I have a cross compiled gdb for the 
> host and gdbserver for the target. Toolchain is linux, 
> binutils 2.20, gcc 4.4.3, eglibc 2.10 with nptl.
> Debugging applications works fine until I try to debug thread creation 
> when gdb/gdbserver just hangs.
> After searching on the net and looking at the gdb FAQ it looks like this 
> is related to some problem with On the target I have 
> stripped versions of and On the host I 
> have set solib-absolute-prefix to point to my cross compiled toolchain 
> and within that there are unstripped versions of both and 
> As I understand it from other posts on the web this 
> combination should work fine. One thing that makes me think that the 
> thread database is not working though is that I never see the trace 
> "[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]" from the thread_db code.
> How can I get more debugging information out of gdb so I can work out 
> what is not working?
> Are there any compile options that must be enabled with the tools or 
> options in the linux kernel?
> If more details of my setup would be useful I'm happy to provide it.
> Thanks
> Will

We can't provide support for gdb 6.8 -- it's very old.

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