gdbserver problem with thread debugging

William Wagner
Thu Sep 16 08:49:00 GMT 2010


Apologies if this is the wrong list to post to, if it's not please point 
me in the right direction.

I am working on a custom embedded target which is a Freescale iMX35 
processor (armv6j based). I am building a custom toolchain using 
crosstools-ng, including gdb 6.8 - I have a cross compiled gdb for the 
host and gdbserver for the target. Toolchain is linux, 
binutils 2.20, gcc 4.4.3, eglibc 2.10 with nptl.

Debugging applications works fine until I try to debug thread creation 
when gdb/gdbserver just hangs.

After searching on the net and looking at the gdb FAQ it looks like this 
is related to some problem with On the target I have 
stripped versions of and On the host I 
have set solib-absolute-prefix to point to my cross compiled toolchain 
and within that there are unstripped versions of both and As I understand it from other posts on the web this 
combination should work fine. One thing that makes me think that the 
thread database is not working though is that I never see the trace 
"[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]" from the thread_db code.

How can I get more debugging information out of gdb so I can work out 
what is not working?

Are there any compile options that must be enabled with the tools or 
options in the linux kernel?

If more details of my setup would be useful I'm happy to provide it.


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