gdbserver target description: info reg displays or not according to group presence ???

Philippe Waroquiers
Fri Jul 30 22:16:00 GMT 2010

I am busy integrating a gdbserver within valgrind.

Valgrind has shadow registers (indicating if a register contains 
"uninitialized" data).
To have gdb be able to display and modify these registers, I am defining
a target description that includes the normal register set and the 2
valgrind shadow register sets.
I would like that these registers are not shown in "info regs" but
only shown in "info all-reg".
According to the manual (gdb gdb-, it is enough
to *not* specify a group and then these are not displayed:

        The register group to which this register belongs.  GROUP must be
        either `general', `float', or `vector'.  If no GROUP is specified,
        GDB will not display the register in `info registers'.

However, that does not seem to match what I observe.

The file gdb/features/i386/32bit-core.xml defines e.g. eax as:
  <reg name="eax" bitsize="32" type="int32"/>
This register is shown in info reg.
According to the manual above, it should not.
I have defined another file for valgrind, called 32bit-core-valgrind-s1.xml
where I have a.o. the following two lines:
  <reg name="eaxs1" bitsize="32" type="int32" group="s1"/>
  <reg name="ecxs1" bitsize="32" type="int32"/>

When I am doing info regs, gdb shows both eaxs1 and ecxs1 (and all others
shadow registers).

Looking at the trace, I see that the correct description is returned
to gdb. I see that gdb properly has understood the target description
as it shows the normal and shadow registers.
However, it does always shows all the shadow registers, not taking
into account the presence or not of a group.
Trying to understand what is happening, I am using maint print
to look at what gdb has understood:
   (gdb) maint print c-tdesc
   The current target description did not come from an XML file.
-- this looks normal as the target description arrives from gdbserver.

   (gdb) maint print register-groups
  ... (removed some)
    ''           47   47    308       0 int0_t          general
    ''           48   48    308       0 int0_t          general
    orig_eax     49   49    308       4 long            save,restore,system
    eaxs1        50   50    312       4 int32_t         general,all,save,restore
    ecxs1        51   51    316       4 int32_t         general,all,save,restore
    edxs1        52   52    320       4 int32_t         general,all,save,restore
  ... (removed some)
-- this looks strange: the s1 group is not theree for eaxs1, it rather has general/all/save/restore

   (gdb) maint print raw-registers 
  ... (removed some)
    ''           47   47    308       0 int0_t          <invalid>
    ''           48   48    308       0 int0_t          <invalid>
    orig_eax     49   49    308       4 long            0x00000000
    eaxs1        50   50    312       4 int32_t         0x00000000
    ecxs1        51   51    316       4 int32_t         0x00000000
    edxs1        52   52    320       4 int32_t         0x00000000
  ... (removed some)

So, there is something that looks wrong.
Any hint/idea ?

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