MIPS: 64-bit DWARF

Joseph S. Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Wed Jul 21 22:54:00 GMT 2010

On Thu, 15 Jul 2010, Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Maciej" == Maciej W Rozycki <macro@codesourcery.com> writes:
> I trimmed the CCs.
> Maciej> GDB as of 6.8 didn't cope at all with 64-bit DWARF records that
> Maciej> were generated for n64 binaries before the switch (for the MIPS
> Maciej> platform, that is -- I'd expect it to work for some others,
> Maciej> especially ones that have always been 64-bit like the Alpha) --
> Maciej> the usual symptom was a complete exhaustion of the stack space
> Maciej> followed by a crash (tested natively only).
> Could you try a newer gdb?  And, if it still fails, file a bug report?
> gdb isn't fully ready for 64 bit DWARF (e.g., CU offsets are still just
> unsigned ints), but it shouldn't crash.

I fixed problems with GCC's 64-bit DWARF output with 
<http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2006-03/msg01152.html> and switched to 
32-bit output with 
<http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2006-05/msg00142.html>.  There won't 
have been many compilers that produced correct 64-bit DWARF for this 
target, rather than broken 64-bit DWARF or correct 32-bit DWARF.  (And, 
yes, GDB had a propensity to crash then on broken DWARF debug info, and 
I'm not aware of it since having been fixed to handle broken debug info 

Joseph S. Myers

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