windows gdb.exe, setting breakpoints before debugging cause extremely slow loading

Wed Jul 21 13:57:00 GMT 2010

  Hi, all, I'm a windows gdb user, I have used both official MinGW 
gdb.exe and gdb.exe build myself.

I found that when I set a breakpoint before loading or after loading has 
much different result.
I use GDB.exe under Codeblocks, here is the debugger log when I try to 
debug something:
Situation works badly:

I just set breakpoint before I start "run" the debugee

 > break 
No source file named 
Breakpoint 1 
 > run

Now, it will take about 1 and a half minutes to start the debugee.

But If I do *not* set any breakpoint before running, then ,the loading 
stage is quite fast(about 10 second), after that I can still set 
breakpoint and all the breakpoint works fine.

Not only me find the problem, see the message posted in Codeblocks forum 
by One of Codeblocks developers Pecan:,12951.msg87332.html#msg87332

Does this a gdb bug?


asmwarrior(ollydbg from codeblocks forum)

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