MIPS: 64-bit DWARF

Richard Sandiford rdsandiford@googlemail.com
Mon Jul 19 20:00:00 GMT 2010

Thomas Schwinge <thomas@codesourcery.com> writes:
> Here is the patch that I tested for (a non-HEAD version of) binutils.
> This makes prelink happy, and there are no regressions in the GDB
> testsuite.  (Anything else to test?)  I left in the 64-bit stuff for
> TE_IRIX, as I have no idea about it.

Patch is OK with the testing you described downstream, and with a
suitable changelog.  Just to be sure, would you mind checking the
"binutils" (including gas and ld) testresults for both mips64-linux-gnu
and mips64el-linux-gnu?  There's no need to test multilibs; just run
both without any test options.


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