HelloGCC Workshop 2010 Call for Topic

Hui Zhu teawater@gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 07:01:00 GMT 2010

HelloGcc Working Group was set up in 2007 by Chinese free software
fans. with the goal of constructing a free, open, sharing technical
community, discussing and learning GNU system tools, such as GCC, GDB,
Binutils etc. Currently our blog address is
http://hellogcc.blogbus.com. Our IRC room is #hellogcc on freenode.

Every year, we hold a technical discussion in order to enhance
communication. The activity will be held in Oct. this year. We're
calling for topic speaker now. As soon as you prefer to give a
technical report, welcome to contact us. The presentation can be your
original work, or the introduction about the work of others. The
presentation can be of researching or of engineering. The
presentation can even be the code explanation and program
demonstration.  We just need to get the speaker's slides in advance
and post it on the Internet. It's better if you intend to provide the
text of articles, of course.

The whole activity is free. We hope to get some sponsorship to be used
as the reward of speakers and the support of the community

You can send email to hellogcc.workgroup@gmail.com, or contact us on

Thank ChinaUnix for the sponsorship and support!

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