[Help] About the two debug modes of ARM

xingxing pan forandom@gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 14:25:00 GMT 2010

>From the ARM11 reference manual, I know ARM11 has two debug modes, the
Halting mode and the Monitor Mode.
When we use debuggers to debug a program, often there are also two
modes. The remote debugging, the debugger runs on the host, the
debuggee runs on the target, and the debugger communicates with the
core through something like JTAG. The native debugging, the debugger
and debuggee run on the same computer.

Here are my questions.
(1)Dose the Halting mode and the Monitor mode correspond to Remote
debugging and Native debugging respectively?
(2)Some cores like ARM920 don't have the Monitor mode. Dose it means
that when we are in native debugging on that cores, we can not use the
hardware breakpoints and watchpoints?

Thank you!


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