Slowdown of the response from the command line?

asm warrior
Fri Feb 26 16:48:00 GMT 2010

Hi, all.
I have just find a noticeable time delay when I enter a command line.
I'm debugging a DLL file under Windows, using

When I try to view the wxString value in a DLL, I entered this command to GDB

output /c m_Str.m_pchData[0]@((wxStringData*)m_Str.m_pchData - 1)->nDataLength

But it takes several seconds to give the answer returned from GDB.

I built the latest snapshot of
branch/gdb-weekly- and
current/gdb-, but the delay still exists.

In fact, this delay does *not* exist before, at least in the,
which is release in 20100107, In this version, the response from GDB
is really fast.

I have check the commit log from 20100107 to 20100202, I personally
suspect there's regression in the CLI of handing command input
Also, I have create a bug report here :

Does anyone experience this time delay? Thanks

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