How to set default value of yquery and nquery

Hui Zhu
Thu Feb 25 16:26:00 GMT 2010

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 21:42, Marc Khouzam <> wrote:
>> Do you think we can add a command to set the non-terminal
>> query answer?
>> For example:
>> set non-terminal-query-default yes/no/auto
>> auto This is the default value. query/yquery/nquery answer
>> will like before.
>> yes  query/yquery/nquery answer will be yes
>> no  query/yquery/nquery answer will be no
> This is not perfect because every query would be answered
> the same way.  From a non-terminal, you many want to answer
> 'y' to one query and 'n' to another.

For my idea, it just to handle the query/yquery/nquery and simple commands.
After this command complete, set it back to auto can handle it.

> Furthermore, sometimes the query is not directly triggered
> by the command used.  For example, changing a variable value
> will trigger a query from PRecord, but it is not really
> the 'set' command that sends the query, it is PRecord.

Sorry for make you spend a lot of time on query and prec, I think
yquery and nquery didn't can be control when non-terminal is really a
big trouble.
I will try to make each of them have a set commands.  And could you
tell me which one make you feel bad?  I will do it first.  :)

> I believe the cleanest solution up to now was to have
> individual setting for each query.  I didn't like that too much
> myself, but I don't have a better suggestion.

I suggest each nquery or yquery have a set command together.

The more clear way I think is the query will tell user howto set it
non-terminal.  Maybe it is too tangled.

Best regards,

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