MI Interface and Pretty Print to_string() result

Elmenthaler, Jens jens.elmenthaler@verigy.com
Tue Feb 23 07:53:00 GMT 2010

If I see that right, there is no way to obtain the result of the to_string() method from a pretty printer for a dynamic variable object that is a child of another dynamic variable object.

-var-evaluate-expression returns "{...}" for anything that has children, and in order to use -data-evaluate-expression, I must be able to provide an expression that denotes the variable object. This however, seems not possible for dynamic variable objects that are a direct or indirect child of another dynamic variable object.

Is there some mistake on my side?

Would it help to enter a bug that -var-evualuate-expression always returns the result of the pretty printers to_string() method?


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