Gdb ported to ia64-hp-hpux11.23?

Joel Brobecker
Sun Feb 14 06:08:00 GMT 2010

> Is this problem specific to my local host or is it that gdb just
> hasn't been ported to ia64-hpux?

The FSF version of GDB has indeed not been ported to ia64-hpux.
I did a port for AdaCore which I swore I would contribute, but
then it didn't happen - mostly because of lack of time and inexperience
on my end.  We're still using gdb-6.3 for ia64-linux, and I can put
a tarball of the sources on as a "code drop", if you
are interested. It's on my radar to port the FSF GDB to ia64-hpux,
but that's for my next Christmas-break "treat", which is quite a ways
away.  It might be sooner if I really get fed up with supporting
such an ancient version as gdb-6.3 but, looking at my calendar,
this seems pretty unlikely.


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