generic query regarding GPL and licensing terms associated with gdb

Steffen Dettmer
Tue Aug 24 21:13:00 GMT 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, Martin Schröder <> wrote:
>> If you take GPL code, modify it by adding trade secrets,
>> and then distribute it without giving a GPL license, it
>> is not the case that somehow you have lost the trade
>> secrets, or that anyone is free to disclose them. That
>> is not at all the case.
> I concur with Tom Tromey: If in doubt, ask the FSF. It's just
> that I don't see how I could doubt the legitimacy of talking
> about code that is correctly and willingly licensed to you
> under GPL terms.

did someone asked FSF and if so, could you please tell the

As I understood, one of the most essential key points of GPL is
exactly that it is not possible to licence code under terms of
GPL and redistribute any derived work without offering this
derived work also under the terms of the GPL.
So I think "take GPL code, modify it [...] and then distribute it
without giving a GPL license" simply is not allowed at all.

Could someone please clarify?



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