GDB 7.2 release date

Pedro Alves
Thu Aug 19 19:11:00 GMT 2010

On Thursday 19 August 2010 14:09:52, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Following Stan's NEWS patch (thank you!), we should be pretty close to
> being ready for the 7.2 release. I propose to create it either Friday
> afternoon (UTC+2 - should be morning in the US), or sometime Monday if
> we find more blocking issues.
> BTW: I think that we're still missing NEWS entries for at least one
> feature that Pedro identified... I will try to help with those.

I just diffed 7.1 vs 7.2, and grepped for things like

  grep "add_" ... | grep  "cmd"

I've documented in the wiki the new commands that are missing an
entry in news or in the manual.  Here's a copy of what I placed there:

    * Missing in NEWS:
          o [Stan]: Tracepoint source strings, observer mode, corresponding commands and packets. $_thread.

          o [Joel]: $_thread.


          o set|show record memory-query. 
    * Missing in NEWS and manual:
          o record pic
          o set|show record pic
          o set record pic hide-nofunction
          o set record pic hide-nosource
          o set record pic hide-sameaddr
          o set record pic type


It appeared to me that for most commands and features there are already
patches pending, except for "set|show record memory-query", if I'm not mistaken.
Hui, what's the status of that patch?

I've also diffed remote.c in both trees, and confirmed that all new
packets are either already mentioned in NEWS, or the patches pointed at
above already take care of mentioning them.

Joel, I think you missed that Stan had already documented $_thread
in his patch.  I've no idea if both descriptions could be merged so
we end up with a better description, or whether one of them ends
up redundant.

Pedro Alves

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