GDB 7.2 release date

Stan Shebs
Mon Aug 16 16:01:00 GMT 2010

Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Monday 16 August 2010 16:15:13, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>> (apologies to everyone for dropping the ball a bit on the release)
>>> The latter, I'm afraid.  Out of memory, for example, the observer
>>> mode, and its commands and packets aren't mentioned in NEWS.  I'll
>>> start by mentioning this on the wiki.
>> I admit I scanned the emails for the past week a little fast. But I do
>> not remember seeing any progress on this topic. Is there someone who
>> is supposed to look at that, or is this going to be on my plate?
> I was kind of hoping that patches would have appeared, [...]
Is that shorthand for "I was hoping that Stan would do his job"?  :-)

I can certainly take care of the observer mode part at least.


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