Do we need MI -inferior-select

Marc Khouzam
Wed Aug 11 13:03:00 GMT 2010

Forget it, I believe I can use:
-interpreter-exec --thread-group <groupId> console <cli command>

I keep forgetting about this one.  Sorry.


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> Subject: Do we need MI -inferior-select
> Hi,
> CLI has an 'inferior' command to switch to a different inferior.
> MI does not have such a command.  Instead, if I understand correctly,
> MI provides a global --thread-group option that allows to specify
> the inferior, for each MI command.  This is very nice.
> Howver, I'm worried about CLI commands that don't have an MI 
> equivalent.
> How would I select the inferior for those commands?
> I don't have an actual example yet, but with 7.2 almost ready,
> I thought it was worth asking if we should add a new MI command
> for the CLI 'inferior'.
> Normally, I could simply use the CLI 'inferior' command if there
> is no MI equivalent, but I've noticed that the inferior ID used by
> CLI is not the same as the groupId used by MI.  Therefore, to use
> 'inferior' the frontend would need to be able to map the groupId
> to a CLI inferiorId, which I'm not sure will necessarily be easy.
> I'm ready to write a patch for -inferior-select, if it is agreed
> that it is needed.
> Thanks
> Marc

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