Edit-and-Continue and running-backward

Jakob Engblom jakob@virtutech.com
Sat Feb 28 08:15:00 GMT 2009

> 2. How to get the ability to run programs backward? What is "target
> environment" in this description "If the target environment supports it, gdb
> can allow you to “rewind” the program by running it backward" and how to
> make my target environment support it? I am programming sometimes in Linux
> with emacs or with IDE Code::Blocks.

There is some kind of work on "record and replay" for user-land Linux processes that Teawater is working on. 

You can also use hte commercial VmWare and Simics tools to get full-system reverse execution, which are available today.  Both work with any gdb-remote-based system. 

Note that edit-and-continue cannot reasonably be combined with reverse execution: what would it mean to back through an execution trace where you change the code underlying it?  You could reasonably back up to some previous point in time, do the patch, and then execute into it. However, you probably will have to consider the point in time of the patch the staring point of your reversible session -- unless the execution substrate can remember and redo and undo the patch as you execute over the patch point in time. 

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